Love Your Life Now -34- The #Power of a #Kundalini #Generation

#Meditation and #Yoga practices can make us #Superhuman!

Did you ever feel as though you don’t fit in?  Could a#Kundalini #Yoga #Lifestyle be the solution to your challenges?

Did you feel like an outsider when you were young, where you felt that something was going wrong in the world and you seemed to be the only one noticing it? Has #meditation, #yoga or another #spiritual practice helped you grow as a person and see things from a more powerful perspective? Christina Sirgun Powers and Sonja-Sophie discuss how #Kundalini Yoga is helping transform the younger generations when brought into the school system, where our children can have access to all of these tools BEFORE they ever collect all the baggage we adults are working on releasing all the time…Imagine a world where we know the tools before we ever have to use them to make ourselves feel better – a world where we simple LOVE our LIVES NOW!

imagesClick on IMAGE to listen to the #Power of a #Kundalini #Generation NOW!



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