Theater, Fun & Enlightenment -in the Nude- Part 3 of 3

After the Show – Tales from an Immersive Experience

4 Pioneers have shown courage, heart and total commitment to help bring healing to the many men and women who are dealing with #bodyissues of any form by performing a one-of-a kind immersive variety show which asked their audience to be NUDE, just as they were.

Together, the actors and audience created a safe-space for emotional release, self-acceptance and a feeling of community within just one short hour.  Comedian Marti Ross ensured there was the comic relief, and the audience eagerly participated in the talk-back session at the end of the play.

Now let’s hear some of the transformation and healing that happened, from the actors themselves.


Meet the wonderful PERFORMERS

Brian Knudson


Brian grew up in a conservative LA suburb, but his passion for the arts helped mold his liberal thinking. He’s a small business owner, spokesman, narrator and film/stage actor. However, the theatre has always been his first love-whether performing or as an audience member. Brian has always enjoyed skinny-dipping, as he finds it liberating, sensual and powerfully life-affirming. Then one summer at the Burning Man Festival, he took a nude stroll with fellow burners. The shared experience was transcendent so he decided to try social nudity. He loved it, never looked back and enjoys a group where his fashion sense is finally respected! Brian hopes audiences find the show, Love the Body Positive, to be engaging and serve as a unique, body-positive experience.

Cat Cela-HFF headshot
Cat Cela

Cat Cela

Cat Cela, a native of Savannah Georgia, shares David Bowie’s birthday and totally geeks out over books and reptiles. Her most recent acting project is a goth suspense thriller titled “Promise.” Up next she will write and star in an upcoming webseries for YouTube, “Badass”! A skilled vocalist and self-taught guitarist, Cat is a nanny for two girl-kids by day, and a Disney princess for birthday parties by night. Performing nude through Love the Body Positive has been a freeing experience for Cat, and she believes in the body acceptance movement.

Amy Arrow headshot
Amy Arrow

Amy Arrow

Amy Arrow is a stage and film actress who will try most anything to express the language of art. She is also a comic, a dancer, and she produces short films, utilizing her visual intuition in costume design and art direction. “Love the Body Positive” introduced her to naturism, which has become another beautiful outlet for her creativity, drawn to it’s healthy attitude towards accepting the skin we’re in, and finding safety in being nude in a respectful, communal setting.

Marty Ross headshot
Marty Ross

Marty Ross

They call him “The Wrinkled Rebel” but if that’s true he says he’s “going down fighting.” He’s comedian Marty Ross who started his stand-up comedy career late in life, so he may have to take a nap before the fight. Young people enjoy the fact that though he looks like their grandfathers, he certainly doesn’t act like their grandfathers…and old timers? Well they can just relate, period. Regarding doing stand-up naked, Marty says, “I have no problem performing in the nude. Hell, at my age half the time I forget to get dressed to go to the store.” Marty is now single, older, still very much alive and delighting audiences all over the Western US and on the Las Vegas Strip. “I can’t believe how many young fans I have,” says Ross. “They tell me they can relate too, because I’m just a wrinkled old teenager.”



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