On Drugs, Addiction & Medicinal Plant – Interview with Carl Christensen

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMost people know someone who has had one form of addiction or another. This can lead to the disruption of the persons’ life (and others’) and sometimes to physical harm, depending on the type of addiction. Today I take a look at drugs and their potential effects with Carl Christensen. Carl is the host of a podcast/YouTube Channel called “ChangeTruth” where he interviews experts on subjects related to drugs, addiction and shamanic use of medicinal plants.



  1. Change Truth is a podcast and blog focused on the following:
  2.  Honest Drug Education
  3. A focus on illegal drugs
  4. Analyzing real dangers
  5. Examining medicinal benefits
  6. Promoting responsible and informed use
  7. Not promoting drug Abuse
  8. Addiction & Mental Health
  9.  A focus on root causes
  10. Removing stigmas
  11. Highlighting new treatments
  12.  Helping  People

Find the “ChangeTruth” podcast on iTunes, or on YouTube:

ChangeTruth PodcastEYE Image


“I’m Carl Christensen and this is my project.

My formal education is in writing and journalism. My informal education is in all things drug-related.

I have a lot of personal experience with mental health, addiction, and the use of drugs. Experiencing these first-hand has forced me to learn about, and truly develop a passion for what helps people and what does not.

I believe the current model for dealing with these sorts of issues is not working and in some cases is actually making things worse.

Change Truth is about changing people’s minds on these subjects, and doing so through education and honesty. ”

TO READ MORE click the link: www.ChangeTruth.com



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