“Naked Shorts” – Naturism Returns to Hollywood Fringe Festival !! Part 2 of 3

Once again we bring you food for thought – from truly courageous people who want to help make the world a less judgmental, safer, and happier place for all, by “bearing it all” in front of others.  By showing us how the acceptance of our very own bodies – with all its scars, curves and wrinkles – can help us heal from the inside out, and create a more loving society in the process…. Curious?  Listen to the 3-part podcast and hear from the performers themselves – then, if you dare to heal – head down to the Hollywood Fringe Festival and bear all!
Naked Shorts Version 2.5x4 Fringe Ad-Updated.jpg
“Naked Shorts (less is more)” is a new kind of immersive theater, where the divide between spectator and performer dissolves into a communal and empowering experience.
Described as a nude variety hour or “the nude show”, the body-positive gang is back this June at The Hollywood Fringe Festival with original short pieces written by naturists! You can listen right here to some of the key performers of this year’s show as they share their love for naturism, its health benefits, and discuss the issues that stigmatize and undermine the lifestyle. Enjoy these podcast interviews and be part of the movement to disrobing America for good health, happiness and healing! There are four glorious performances at the festival this June and once again, the shows include a mandatory nude audience! For tickets and details, go to hollywoodfringe.org/4590. Let’s make nudity great again! Join us!   – Brian Knudson
Naked Shorts Postcard Back with logos.jpg

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